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In 2017 frustrated and overweight due to a long stressful battle to save my failing 20 year old medical equipment business after government cuts in reimbursement I decide to move to Florida.  I arrived in Florida depressed and in need of some change; A new friend seeing my situation asked if I wanted to play Pickleball.  I thought I would give it a try and as many stories go, it was love at first sight.

I immediately met amazing, friendly people on the court, after several weeks of playing 3 to 4 times a week, I lost 10 lbs! I felt great, I had new friends, I was getting fit, slim and tan. What was this magical game, that had changed the quality of my life so much and so quickly.

I shared my excitement with my son, Bryan when he came to visit, from Thailand. “You HAVE to try it, come play with me.”  After much grumbling about playing a game with such OLD people he agreed. The OLD people were delighted to welcome him to the court and they were delighted to beat him at his first game. Bryan was a big fan of Pickleball and we played together in a sport something neither one of us could have imagined.   Pickleball has that effect on so many important components in our life, family relationships, friendships, health, and attitude. I love this game and more importantly the effect this game has on quality of life and I want everyone to have the opportunity to play.

This game took my semi-retirement life full circle as I saw an opportunity to work in a new business that I loved. I left my failing business for a new pickleball business, Dink Pro where I can, choose my favorite pickleball products to display on my site and let my enthusiasm shine through. My son Bryan joins me in this new business endeavor, as he has worked I Digital Marketing and SEO.   Bryan left Florida with a Dink Pro donated, pickleball net, 6 paddles and excitement over the opportunity to share this game with his friends in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Sharing the game of pickleball, offering opportunity for others to play and adding joy to lives through this sport is Dink Pro’s mission.  For every sale made here we will give 5% of our profits, to a fund for equipment for school or programs that cannot afford to purchase their own equipment.

Please Check out our Pickleball blog for tips and up-to-date Stories and check out out store for all your favorite pickleball equipment.

Stephanie and Bryan Schwartz

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