What are Aluminium Core Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball as a sport has been growing more and more popular as the years go by. This growth also extends to the equipment used to play the game. New technologies have been developed, especially for the paddles that are being used by players.

Types of Paddle Cores

There are many choices as to what type of paddle a pickleball player may choose. Many things affect how the paddle performs, of course. One of the functions that greatly affect the performance is the type of core used. There are three main cores: the Nomex core, the Aluminium core, and the Polymer core.

This article will be discussing the Aluminium core

Aluminium Core – What Is It?

This aluminium core is part of the honeycomb core group. This means that the core is in the shape of a honeycomb. The structure is made up of, you guessed it right, aluminium.

Image of a honeycomb (Source: http://photopin.com/free-photos/honeycomb)

Advantages of an Aluminium Core

Using an aluminium core can provide the player with what they call the touch. The touch is when the player is able to maneuver the ball as they please. This means more ball placement shots with finesse for the player.

How does that happen? Well, this is because compared to the other cores, the aluminium core is softer. So, when the ball hits the paddle, it pops off more slowly than it usually would, making time for the player to manipulate the ball in an advantageous way.

The use of aluminium also makes the paddle lighter. This is great for players who prefer to not cause too much stress on their wrists.

Another advantage the aluminium core has over the other cores is that it is quieter. For some players, this matters a lot and can help them focus better on the game.

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