There are many Pickleball paddles in the market. But, scouring shops for the best ones can be difficult. To narrow your search, check out composite paddles!

Composite Paddles

What Is It?

Composite pickleball paddles are one of the most popular paddle choices since the beginning of pickleball. They are made up of various materials, hence they are called “composite.” They also provide what most players need in a paddle – durability, good grip, and more. 

A composite paddle is made up of a core and a back and front surface. The surfaces are used for hitting purposes. 


You can choose what core type to have. 

⦁ The Nomex core is a popular option among many players. It usually has a honeycomb structure made up of cardboard-like material. It is very durable and provides strength. The honeycomb structure enhances the power of your hits. 

⦁ The Aluminium core is softer and more quiet to the touch. It also has a honeycomb structure and is much lighter to carry. 

⦁ The Polymer core is new to the game. It gives the player extreme control. This core is great for shot placements as it is soft like the Aluminium core. 


Hitting Surface

The hitting surface can also be made from different materials. It may be a fiberglass material or a graphite material. 

⦁ Fiberglass is great for balancing power and control. Paddles made of this material are usually heavier, though. 

⦁ On the other hand, graphite surfaces give soft-control but have great power.