How Long Does a Pickleball Paddle Last

Any plans of getting into pickleball? That definitely sounds great! Playing pickleball brings great fun and provides opportunities to form new friendships with your playmates.

Pickleball is the up and coming sport that technically combines the elements and techniques of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Nowadays, it is great to see more and more people interested in picking up a paddle and playing this sport.

This article is a guide for beginners on how to use and take care of pickleball equipment before, during, and after games.

For those who are not yet well-versed in the pickleball’s gameplay, there is some equipment that is necessary so you can start playing the game. This means that you have to get your very own paddle and a ball, then find a court with a net that is set up according to the sport’s standards.

Now, when it comes to the paddles, it is important to choose the right one for you. You also need to take good care of them so that they last long. Let us breakdown the main considerations when choosing the most appropriate pickleball paddle for you to use. Provided here as well are tips on how to take good care of the paddles you bought.

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How Much Do Pickleball Paddles Cost?

Before diving into the gameplay, it would be a good idea to find out how much does a paddle cost.

Price Range

Quality composite paddles are usually sold at around $50 and up. For wood paddles, they can range from $13 to $36. Moreover, composite paddles are usually $45 to $145 while graphite ones start from $60 to $145.

Most players seem to prefer composite paddles over any other paddle, even though wood paddles are generally cheaper. They prefer to have the “pop” sound that composite paddles give.

But, if you are a beginner and you want to test the waters first, you can go ahead and try an inexpensive composite paddle or a graphite paddle.

How Long Do Pickleball Paddles Last?

Generally, the lifespan of your pickleball paddles depends on how much you actually use them. So, if you use them frequently, in training or in tournaments, they might have a shorter lifespan than a paddle that you only play a few times with.

If you are a professional player who likes playing almost every day, your paddle should last for at least a year before it breaks down. This is the usual case for graphite and composite paddles.

If you are a recreational player or a beginner that only plays a few times per week, you can expect your graphite or composite paddles to last up to three years. This will be the case if you do proper care and maintenance of your equipment.

But, if you own wood paddles, these will last longer compared to composite and graphite pickleball paddles. This is due to the fact that wood paddles are sturdy so you can use them as much as you want.

Lastly, how you maintain and care for the paddle can determine how long it will be with you. It is highly advised to store your paddle properly when not in use. Put it out of the reach of young children and pets. If you can store your equipment in a drawer, closet, or other similar storage space, then much better. This will prevent dust and moisture from damaging the paddle.

You also have to learn how to properly handle your paddle and other pickleball equipment. Take the time to learn basic grips and swings to maximize the use of your paddle and, of course, improve your game.

What to Look for in a Paddle – Fine One That Lasts

Paddles with overlapping edge guards can last longer than those without it. You have to take note that the edge guard is a nifty feature that keeps the face of the paddle safer and intact. It also gives an extra layer of protection for the honeycomb layer.

Without this edge guard, your paddle will be easily de-laminated, making its lifespan shorter. This is because when it de-laminates, the paddle’s face will be pulled up from its interior. This is destructive to the paddle itself. So, the best practice is to get a paddle with an edge guard.

Five Best Practices to Prolong Your Pickleball Paddle’s Lifespan

If you want to surpass the expected lifespan of your pickleball paddle, it would be wise to read up on proper paddle maintenance. These tips that we have right here can make your paddles last longer.

It is not difficult to take care of your paddle. We encourage you to apply these five tips the next time you are using your paddle in a pickleball game.

Tip 1: Maintain the Grip

The grips of the paddle can lose traction. So, when that happens, make sure to have them replaced immediately. Your grip should always feel fresh and tacky. This will help you in making your pickleball paddle last longer as it will not easily slip from your hands, fall, and get damaged.

Tip 2: Clinking is Bad

Players tapping each other’s paddles before, during, or after any pickleball game is very common. This can be a sign of salute or sort of a high five in the court. This is also known as clinking.

While this may be cool and can improve camaraderie or competitiveness among players, it is detrimental for your paddle. Although you may just lightly tap paddles, this still puts your equipment at risk of scratches or more considerable damage.

These scratches may lead to dents and soon you’ll be needing a replacement. It would be better to just lightly clink the handles instead!

Tip 3: Regularly Clean Up Your Paddle

After a pickleball game or just any regular practice session, it is advisable to wipe your paddle with a soft towel soaked in warm water. After this, make sure to dry it immediately with another soft towel.

You do not have to submerge your paddle into the water as this may cause more damage.

Soft towels should be used in cleaning your paddle (Source:

Tip 4: Storage Matters

Tossing your paddle in the backseat is not advisable. It would be great to keep it in a padded case, such as a compact backpack or a secure sling bag.

Another tip with regards to storage is to always place your paddles somewhere with regular room temperature. Do not overexpose it to heat or to extreme cold. This is to avoid damaging the materials of the paddle.

Tip 5: Play Smart and Right

Another factor that determines the life of your pickleball paddle is how rough you play with it. Expect your paddle to retire earlier if you play pickleball quite aggressively. You can try playing smart and right by not overusing the paddle through multiple tosses or hits.


With these tips and tricks, you will able to extend the lifespan of your paddles. This avoids replacing them every month or on a regular basis.

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