DinkPro Finesse Pickleball Paddle

Introducing the DinkPro Finesse Pickleball Paddle

Dink Pro Finesse Pickleball Paddle

DinkPro.us started primarily as a review website; testing, reviewing, and comparing the many different pickleball paddles on the market.

After evaluating dozens of different paddles, we decided to branch out to the manufacturing of our own Paddle line.

The first DinkPro paddle is named the Finesse for its excellent performance in finesse play. This paddle is the perfect introductory paddle to the player who plans to get serious about the game. This is a graphite paddle with an excellent feel, huge sweet spot and moderate texture at an ultra affordable price.

We’ve tried the most popular disc golf paddles on the market, and this is the paddle we recommend. The DinkPro Finesse is of similar quality and performance as many Pickleball Paddles that cost more than a hundred dollars. This truly is one of the best pickleball paddles available for less than $50.

DinkPro Finesse Features:

  • Skill Level Beginner-Intermediate
  • Paddle Weight 7.85 oz.
  • Target Player Youth-Adult
  • Grip Size 4 ¼” (Medium)
  • Paddle Design Widebody
    DinkPro Pickleball Paddle size and dimensions
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: At DinkPro, we strive to offer our customers exceptional quality without having to pay a premium price. Our paddles offer superior playability without a corresponding sticker shock!
  • HONEYCOMB POLYPROPYLENE CORE: The same thermoplastic polymer cores that revolutionized the aerospace industry in now available in our paddles! It is both extremely lightweight and and powerful. Similar to BMW’s crash absorption system, this poly core can absorb the power of an opponent’s shot and give you the ability to easily control your return shot.
  •  COMPOSITE GRAPHITE FACE: Our beautifully engineered Graphite/Epoxy face results in a highly durable hitting surface that also gives additional shot control to the hitter.
  • WIDE BODY PADDLE SHAPE: The Finesse’s wide body shape results in a generous sweet spot. Ball rebounds are very consistent across the playing surface as a result.
  •  4 ¼” CUSHIONED GRIP: Our grip is wonderfully soft, comfortable, and sweat absorbing. You’ll have no worries about slippage as you play with confidence.
  • LOW PROFILE EDGE GUARD: The protective edge around our paddles offers significant protection to the integrity of the paddle with a much smaller overlap onto the surface of the paddle, minimizing interference with your shots.
  • MEETS USAPA STANDARDS: This paddle complies with all the specifications in material, size, and weight established by the USA Pickleball Association.
    DInkpro Paddle Highlights

Buy the DinkPro Finesse


The DinkPro Finesse is currently available at Amazon.com. You can purchase it individually, as a pair, or as a set of four by clicking the link below:

The DinkPro Finesse is available as a single paddle, as a pair, and in a set of four at Walmart.com and E-Bay.