In order to be the best Pickleball player out there, you must find the paddle that perfectly suits your skill set as well as what you want to achieve in your progress as a competitor.

Nomex Core Paddles

Paddles come in different forms; specifically, they have different core materials as well as hitting surface materials. There are paddles with aluminium cores, polymer cores, and Nomex cores.

This article will be discussing the Nomex core in particular and how it performs.

What Is It?

Nomex is a type of fiber known as aramid. It is a synthetic material that can stand high heat and is known for its strength. It is used in different fields such as the aerospace industry and the military.

The Nomex core is the first lightweight type of pickleball paddle. It has a honeycomb structure. The core is made up of a cardboard-like material. To strengthen it, manufacturers dip it in polymer resin. Although the exterior is tough, it has a squishy feeling when pressure is applied.


The Nomex core is generally the loudest compared to the two other cores. It is also the hardest. This makes the pop greater and the ball will bounce off faster. This makes for a good power paddle for those who love to play fast and powerful.

It is also light and durable, making it great for any type of player out there. Anyone can use it, whether you are seasoned or just a beginner.

If you want a paddle that generates power but still remains light as a feather, this may be the paddle for you