Pickleball paddles, since the sport was established, have also undergone some alterations. Many versions of paddles have been in the market and these vary in the size, weight, design, brand, and even texture.

Wood Paddles for Pickleball

One of the most apparent alterations done to the design of the Pickleball paddle is the material used for it. Before going to the modern modifications of the paddle, a little about the original material used for Pickleball paddles.

⦁ Wood Pickleball paddles have been used since the beginning of the sport. It is one of the most basic paddles a player can use.

⦁ Simplicity in its design is one of its most recognizable features. At first, it may look like a ping-pong paddle  but, if you look closely, it has a shorter handle and a more square face.

⦁ Wooden paddles are cheap, but they have been revolutionized by brand makers to ensure durability and skill aspects. They also enhanced core and face materials.

⦁ Wood paddles are heavier compared to other paddle materials, which make them absorb less of the impact. They are most suitable if you are a beginner as they make you release more effort to hit the ball, which makes your muscles swing harder and faster. A wooden paddle may cause issues for some players, but the wood material allows the player to execute more power strikes during the game with a balanced grip. It is especially suited for training.